Disney’s Norwegian Fjords itineraries and ports for 2015

Disney Norwegian Fjords cruises for 2015

Disney shows no signs in slowing down because they have not only announced a host of new features for their theme parks and DownTown Disney, but also new itineraries in Europe for 2015. There are several new destinations planned for Disney Cruise Line, but it is the Norwegian Fjords that has us excited the most.

Being on a Disney cruise is a magical experience for all the family, so it makes perfect sense to take them to a magical part of the world. We know there are some wonderful places to visit in the world, but sailing through the Norwegian Fjords taking in the scenery is truly breathtaking.

There are several Disney Norwegian itineraries for 2015, which consists of 7, 9 and 11-night cruises. The 7 and 9 night cruises will depart from Copenhagen, whereas the 11-night cruise will begin in Iceland.

We already knew that Disney was heading to Norway and Iceland, and it does make perfect sense considering this part of the world was used as inspiration of Frozen.

However, we were unaware of the full 2015 Disney Cruise Line itineraries and ports for the Norwegian fjords and Iceland. You can see a full breakdown of these by visiting their official news website.

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