Windstar Star Pride review anticipation for 2014 cruises

Windstar Star Pride review anticipation for 2014 cruises

The new Windstar Star Pride was christened over the weekend, which means she is now ready to begin her 2014 cruise itinerary this month. Seeing as though she is the first new ship to join the fleet in 16 years, the anticipation for a positive Star Pride review is very high for Windstar.

The ship is nothing like you get from the likes of Carnival or Royal Caribbean because the Star Pride will hold a maximum of 212 passengers, and so is a more personal cruise ship, or yacht as she will be more known as.

Another of the reasons why there is eagerness to see how Star Pride reviews go is because she was formally a Seabourn ship and has undergone a huge transformation to make her the ship she is today.

Don’t let something like that put you off though because Windstar has changed many aspects of the ship in order for the new ship to deliver, and with another two new ships inbound, Windstar must be very positive of the outcome?

Here is a list of all the Windstar Star Pride cruises for 2014. There are 24 in all, which range from 7 to 18 day cruises.

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