Jamie Oliver hands-on with Quantum and Anthem of the Seas

Jamie Oliver hands-on with Quantum and Anthem of the Seas

Having already touched on the new Dynamic Dining onboard Royal Caribbean’s two newest ships that will join the fleet later this year and early next year, Jamie Oliver has now been talking about the opportunity to bring his Italian restaurants to Quantum and Anthem of the Seas.

One of the first things Oliver said following the announcement was that he and his team were not going to compromise their standards, and while this is great to hear, having eaten at one of his restaurants in Bristol, it is not on par with some of the other restaurants we have eaten in, although we have to remember that they cater for different tastes.

Jamie Oliver said that in no way will the ethics of him and his team come into question, and that they have a huge list of demands in terms of the way they do things and the ingredients they buy in.

It is for this very reason why they will be taking a hands-on approach to ensure the dishes that come out are up to the highest of standards.

Some of the Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas menu options in Jamie’s Italian Kitchen will be crab spaghettini, seafood bucatini, porchetta and much more.

Seeing as though Quantum will be based in New Jersey for a little while, Jamie and his team will be communicating with farmers and fisherman in New Jersey in order to get the best ethically sourced food. Let us hope that Oliver will be welcomed on these cruise ships, seeing as though this is the first time he has had a restaurant onboard a cruise ship.

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