P&O’s mantra on Britannia dining options

P&O's Britannia mantra on dining options

It was only a month or so ago when we got our first look inside P&O’s new cruise ship Britannia, although they were no real photos, but rather computer generated ones. We will take a closer look at many of the amazing features of this ship at a later date, but today we thought we would discuss the food side of things.

P&O has said that they went into the thought process with a new mantra on dining options, and we can see what they mean. Britannia is unlike any P&O ship in the current fleet, as it adds all of the dining options from various ships within its fleet and brings them all under one roof so to speak.

This means that you get to enjoy Marco Pierre White and Atul Kocchar under the same roof, as well as James Martin, Eric Lanlard, The Glass House, Peninsular, and Meridian along with various others.

Christopher Edgington, the marketing director of P&O Cruises has said their mantra at this time is ‘think differently’, which is in reference to the quality of the food they serve on their ships, but more so Britannia because there is so much more choice in on one ship.

The team on board the new ship will pride themselves on the quality of the ingredients used, the variety and the expertise they have to hand in order to give passengers the service they expect.

Are you happy with the dining options available on the Britannia, or do you think the new Quantum of the Seas has better options?

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