Regal Princess countdown raises excitement

Regal Princess countdown raises excitement

There is now less than a month until the Regal Princess gets her debut, which means the countdown has begun. During the next month we expect to be treated to some new details on the ship, such as new photos and videos on what the ship has to offer.

When you visit the Princess Cruises Facebook page you can see that there is a huge amount of excitement because of the anticipation of those ready to set sail on the Regal Princess.

We can see there are a few negative comments in regard to cruising as a whole, but it doesn’t take long for cruisers to stick up for what they love. The way they do that is by saying that you cannot beat a cruise because of the way you are treated by the wonderful staff, along with sharing their joy that they are booked to go on the Regal Princess.

The new ship in the Princess Cruises fleet is on the home stretch because she has just completed her sea trials. She had to perform a series of maneuvers so engineers can see if her navigational, steering and propulsion equipment all worked correctly.

In all, the trial lasted for five days and she has returned to the dockyard for the final work on the exterior and interior.

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