P&O’s expertise on cruises to Venice

P&O's expertise on cruises to Venice

Knowing that you have booked a cruise, you next step is to do some research into the many ports that you visit along the way, as you need to know if you need to book an excursion, or if it would be more viable to go it alone. P&O understands how time consuming this can be, along with having to try to sift through the many websites that don’t give the information that their title described.

This is one of the reasons why P&O recently launched “Destination Expert,” which is a series of blog articles to better explain the finer details of a place you will visit while on your P&O cruise.

The first in the series was on Florence, and yesterday the series continued with things to do in Venice. Sara Ciliberto is the expert on hand to offer advice on the best things you should do while in Venice during your P&O cruise.

Ciliberto has worked for P&O for around ten years and in that time has visited Venice around 30 or 40 times, which means she would have seen it all. She is asked a series of questions, such as suggestions on what passengers should do if they have never been to Venice before, along with what you should do if you have already been there.

Reading the new blog article it is clear that P&O would prefer you to take one of their excursions, but it isn’t a hard sell, as there is also some great advice for those of you who wish to go it alone.

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