Norwegian Cruise Line environmental commitment expressed

Norwegian Cruise Line environmental commitment expressed

Many of the top cruise lines have made a commitment that will help clean up their act. They understand that the ocean is not only important to their business, but to the very existence of our lives. Norwegian Cruise Line is at the forefront because over the past forty years they made a pledge to protect our oceans.

Yesterday was a perfect day for Norwegian Cruise Line to go over their environmental commitment seeing as it was Earth Day 2014. They have had some remarkable achievements, and we do not blame them one bit to share those with us.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Eco-Smart Cruising program – allows the company to lead the industry, and as such we hope to see rival cruise companies implement some, if not all of these measures to help improve our oceans.

To give you an idea of the achievements made, Norwegian Cruise Line has taken to their website to share with us the difference that they are making. However, we would just like to highlight some of what has impressed us the most.

Norwegian has recycled 1,254 tons of cardboard, which is said to have saved 23,540 mature trees. They have also recycled 2,517 tons of scrap metal, 669 tons of plastic and 2,988 tons of glass. Another 750 tons of waste has been converted into energy, which in total produces enough power to supply 1,700 homes with electricity.

Sticking with the recycling theme, Norwegian has managed to conserve 30,096 gallons of gasoline, 6,349,000 gallons of water and 3,715 barrels of oil. Just think of the impact this would have if all the cruise lines took the same approach as Norwegian.

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