Holland America presents new food menu

Holland America presents new dining options

With food playing an important factor on a cruise ship, the big companies look at ways to improve your dining experience, and not just for the times that you get dressed up and sit down to enjoy a meal. Eating throughout the day is so important to passengers, and the likes of Holland America understands this, and so they have come up with yet more food options for you.

Holland America realize that its passengers love the casual all-American barbecue, which has taken some cruise ships by storm, and so will now jump on the bandwagon and introduce the “Dive-In at the Terrace Grill,” by converting the Terrace Grill on some of its ships.

The new grill will serve burgers, hot dogs and classic fries around the Lido pool area of three Holland America ships, the Amsterdam, Eurodam and Maasdam. Other ships in the fleet will follow, but not until later this year.

The food options in the new “Dive-In at the Terrace Grill” will certainly get your taste buds going, even if it isn’t fine dining. We know how much kids and adults love to eat some classic American food while up on deck in the sun, and serving items such as, The Gainer, The Cannonball and Signature hot dogs will keep them very happy indeed.

That’s not all as a chicken breast burger is also on the new menu, along with a vegetarian burger for those who doesn’t like or is not in the mood for meat.

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