Royal Caribbean’s best Gibraltar excursions for 2014 cruises

Royal Caribbean's best Gibraltar excursions for 2014 cruises

Now that the better weather is on its way, people don’t mind going on a cruise from Southampton as much, although the bad weather and rough seas doesn’t seem to bother some of you. Having said that, we still expect plenty of rain during April, and so Royal Caribbean thought they would tease us with things to do in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar offers a Mediterranean climate, astonishing landscape, and some lovely beaches. It is for this very reason why Royal Caribbean has listed the five best Gibraltar excursions for 2014 cruises.

The first is Mediterranean Steps and takes in the beautiful scenery of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. You will walk up to the summit to view the sea and the mountain landscape. This is also where Martin’s cave is located, but we have to warn this does involve a lot of walking.

The next excursion is St. Michael’s Cave, which is a collection of limestone caves and is also located on the same Nature reserve as above. If you love to explore nature, then this is a real treat for you.

Apes Den is one of those excursions that you have to take while visiting Gibraltar for the day on your Royal Caribbean cruise. We know this region is home to the famous Barbary Macaques, and getting there is an adventure in itself.

Camp Bay is the ideal place to go if you have kids, as this is a beach resort that caters for adults and children. Finally, there is the Spotting wild dolphins excursion, which involves getting on a small boat and head out to open water to locate pods of dolphins.

In order to find the prices of these Gibraltar excursions, you need to go to your booking details on the Royal Caribbean website.

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