Norovirus outbreak on 2014 Princess Cruises ship

Norovirus outbreak on 2014 Princess Cruises ship

One of the worst places for a Norovirus outbreak is on a cruise ship while at sea, as this is a closed environment, one that is very hard to keep under control. This is just what passengers and crew on board a Princess Cruises ship are finding out because a total of 83 individuals have been infected thus far.

The new 2014 Norovirus outbreak is on the ship Crown Princess, where 66 passengers and 17 crew members have been taken ill, all of which have now been kept in isolation in their cabins.

While it would be easy to blame the cruise line and crew members for not following health and hygiene to the letter, it is often hard to police passengers – can’t remember how many times we have seen people walk out of the toilets without washing their hands.

Princess Cruises has now employed their enhanced sanitation procedures, which is put in place to stop people passing the Norovirus on to each other.

The cruise line has implemented enhanced sanitation procedures on board Crown Princess to interrupt the person-to-person spread of this illness. Surfaces that are touched a lot will be thoroughly sanitized throughout the ship, these include handrails, elevator buttons, door handles et cetera.

Princess Cruises has yet to offer any new updates on this latest Norovirus outbreak.

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