Disney highlights adult activities for 2014 cruises

Disney highlights adult activities for 2014 cruises

With Disney cruises being catered more toward children than adults, parents are all to aware that they also need some alone time because it is very easy to have a child overload. It is for this very reason why Disney highlights adult activities on its 2014 cruises, and there is far more for them to do than you would think.

Disney loves to keep kids occupied, but adults need their time as well, which is why Disney Cruise Line have several activities for those of you over 18 years of age and above.

Some of the activities include Spa & Fitness, Adult Exclusive Dining, Quiet Cove Pool, Nightclubs and Lounges, Art Gallery and so much more, all of which you can see here, along with videos to help better explain some of these.

The good thing here is that while the children play, parents will be able to have some alone time. Okay, we know that some of you will worry for your children, but the Disney Cruise Line youth clubs onboard are very professional in what they do, chances are they will be better with your children than you – that’s a joke by the way.

There are 15 onboard activities for adults only, and most of them are included in the price of your cruise, so what are you waiting for, have a look to see what you can plan while on your next Disney cruise?

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