P&O Oceana delay leads to partial refund

P&O Oceana delay leads to partial refund

Passengers on board Oceana would have been contacted by P&O crew about an issue that his resulted in the ship being delayed, and as such will have to miss a few ports of call. However, as a goodwill gesture, P&O have offered a 25 per cent refund to all passengers on the cruise, and also laid on a few more things in order to satisfy customers.

There is an issue with the propeller shaft on Oceana to one of its seal, which is thought to have been caused by a foreign object. The ship will have to halt its current itinerary in order for repairs to be made, which will take about 70 hours.

P&O has decided that Oceana will use Barcelona as the best place to carry out repairs, as this is a city that will give passengers far more to do for the 70 hours in port. The ship will still be fully operational and you do not have to leave the ship, although P&O have come up with a great package to keep passengers happy.

Not only do passengers receive 25 per cent off the booking fare, there will be local entertainment coming on board to keep passengers occupied. There are also free shuttle buses from Oceana to the city centre, and you will also receive a free ‘hop on – hop off’ tour ticket to take in the sights of Barcelona at your leisure rather than be rushed around by a guide.

Personally, we feel that P&O have gone above and beyond in making certain that passengers are happy, although looking on P&O’s Facebook page, not all passengers are happy. At the end of the day, this issue is out of their control and for that reason moaning is not going to get you anywhere. Just think, if you were suck at an airport, what kind of service would you get from an airline, as we know it will be nothing like P&O are offering?

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