Lack of Costa Diadema progress videos

Lack of Costa Diadema progress videos

During the course of a cruise ships construction, we are usually treated to several videos showing how the ship builders are progressing. A fine example of this was with the Royal Princess, as we got to see key stages of its construction, and so we wonder why there has been a lack of Costa Diadema progress videos?

The Costa Diadema maiden voyage is expected to be in November, and with around 7 months to go, you would have assumed Costa Cruises would have been sharing more by now.

There are a few videos on YouTube, one is a preview of the ship, which is CGI, while another is a bit more impressive, as it shows its construction sequence. Thankfully, this is a time-lapse video, and so months of work have been sped up to fit on a 1:16 video.

What we would love to see are some videos of key areas of the ship, such restaurants and bars being built, to how they are progressing with the project.

Costa Cruises are missing a great opportunity here because offering potential passengers a look at how Costa Diadema is progressing would be a great way to help market the ship, and we know they need all the help they can get.

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