Titanic 2 ship delayed, could be indefinitely

Titanic 2 ship delayed, could be indefinitely

There has been a great deal of speculation as to the likelihood of the Titanic 2 ship ever getting built, and with news that the laying of its keel will be delayed to around September, 2014, those doubts have increased significantly. Many experts in the cruise industry are saying that the ship will never set sail, and while it would be nice to stay optimistic, there are other factors that don’t look good for those of you who were hoping to set sail on the modern version of the Titanic.

Construction of Titanic 2 should have started last year, but the last we knew Blue Star Line had said that the keel would be laid in March, with the 31st the most likely date seeing as though this was the date the keel was laid on the original Titanic ship.

CSC Jinling were meant to be building the new ship, yet Clive Palmer has yet to sign a contract, which does seem very peculiar. There have been reports that the Chinese do not wish to go ahead with the project, which was said to cost $195 million.

Palmer had assumed that the Chinese company would be fully on board with the project, but it seems as though they have lost interest – unless they already worked out it was never likely to happen?

It does seem strange why Palmer refuses to comment on the delay of the Titanic 2 ship, especially when he was so vocal about the project last year.

Do you believe that Titanic 2 was used as a vehicle to help grab headlines in order to get the attention Palmer needed, or is there a chance the project could still go ahead?

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