Navigator of the Seas cancellation, refund and discount

Navigator of the Seas cancellation, refund and discount

It’s been a bad few days for Royal Caribbean because not only has the Adventure of the Seas had an issue with one of its pods, and as such had to miss two ports of call. The Navigator of the Seas has its own issue because of an oil spill in Galveston Bay. However, to make matters worse, RCL has had to announce the cancellation of the rest of the Navigator of the Seas cruise.

The sailing had been due to begin on March 23, but ran into issues because of the oil spill. Royal Caribbean was hoping to resolve the issue, but just two days later had to announce that the cruise was cancelled.

Passengers will get a full refund on the Navigator of the Seas cruise, and if they decide to book a future cruise, then this will be offered to them at a 25 per cent discount.

Guests on the ship also have the option to leave the ship now, or wait until March 30th, giving them time to still enjoy the ship itself and to wait until travel plans have been made.

Royal Caribbean seem to have dealt with this issue as quickly as possible, and while we can understand that guests will feel let down, an issue such as an oil spill is out of their hands.

Royal Caribbean was hoping to continue with the cruise, but the 160,000 gallons of oil spilt near Texas City Dike is proving a huge issue, and so had to make the call to cancel the cruise. We ask that you do not blame the cruise line seeing as though the crew onboard have been great.

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