Disney cruise ships new Wi-Fi pricing more efficient

Disney cruise ships new Wi-Fi pricing more efficient

Some people go on a cruise to get away from it all and so the last thing on their mind is to go on the Internet. However, there are those of you who need to go on the Internet for work reasons, or to keep in touch with people by means of email or social media.

Most of you will know that while on a cruise you have to pay for your Internet by means of buying an allotted amount of minutes. However, this is not a fair system because you might only need it to collect emails or to look on Facebook or Twitter. Whereas others might wish to stream music movies, and it obvious the latter takes up far less bandwidth.

It’s for this very reason why Disney Cruise Line has now introduced a new Wi-Fi pricing system. The new system is based on the number of megabytes used rather than the amount of time you spend on the Internet.

Disney Cruise Line Internet pricing

This will mean that the new Disney Cruise Line Wi-Fi pricing will be far cheaper for those using services that take up less bandwidth, Facebook or checking emails being just two examples. However, if you plan to stream movies or music, then we are afraid you will now pay much more for this.

Disney believes this is a much more practical system, and we’d have to agree. We just can’t see why anyone would wish to go on holiday to stream movies or music? Then again, many of you who go on a cruise would ask why anyone would feel the need to go on the Internet at all while on a cruise?

You can see a breakdown of the Connect@Sea rates above.

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  • Alana Mills

    I have given up asking why people do what they do. I think it is better to have a live and let live attitude. If people want to surf the net whilst away that is up to them. Well done Disney for making this cheaper.

  • Milford C. Hutsell III

    I was just on DCL last month and I can say that these were not the prices I paid. I believe I paid $29 for 1000mb. And oh, some of us don’t get to just leave work at home. Especially when you are a home based travel agent part time.