Fred Olsen Norovirus outbreak leads to £280,000 settlement

Fred Olsen Norovirus outbreak leads to £280,000 settlement

Falling ill while on a cruise is no joke, as we know first hand. Not only does it cost a small fortune on medical fees, but it can also spoil your holiday as well. This is just what 130 passengers found out while on board the Fred Olsen cruise ship Boudicca.

The 130 passengers were affected by the Norovirus over a course of nine different cruises from 2009 to 2010. As you would expect, these passengers suffered from diarrhea, stomach cramps and vomiting, and after almost four years have finally reached a settlement of £280,000 with Fred Olsen.

Fred Olsen decided to settle, but still refuse to admit liability for the passengers falling ill in the first place. They did say that the reason for the outbreak was due to numbers of the Norovirus being higher than usual.

According to a report, some passengers still suffer from the symptoms since falling ill while on board the Boudicca, and that is four years down the line. They said the settlement should allow them to bring an end to this chapter in their lives, although they will still have to live with those symptoms.

Lawyer’s acting on behalf of the passengers who feel ill said this settlement should serve as a strong reminder that cruise ship companies have a duty to keep up high standards of health and hygiene.

Saying that, not all the blame can be put on the cruise companies because the passengers themselves have a responsibility as well, especially when we have seen first hand people leaving the toilets without washing their hands.

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