Carnival compares Caribbean cruises to package holidays

Carnival compares Caribbean cruises to package holidays

For years most of us assumed that going on a cruise would cost far more than it would a package holiday, and in many cases they are right. However, this is not always the case, and Carnival Cruise Lines has gone out of their way to prove that you can make a huge saving when choosing a Caribbean cruise over staying at a resort in the region.

The comparison – is between a 7 Day stay at a resort in the Grand Cayman compared to that of a 7 Day cruise, which as you know will take in various ports along the way. The package holiday will cost £1,596 compared to £1,267 for the cruise; however, there are many other factors to consider.

Staying at the resort will entail more costs, such as £630 for dining, £140 entertainment, and additional cost to supervise kids. However, all of these are included in the price of your cruise.

However, you will have to pay £35 transfer fees for both holiday types, and the cruise will see you pay £103 in gratuities. When you add the total of these holidays up, the resort holiday will cost £2,401, compared to £1,405 for the Caribbean cruise.

We would like to point out that this comparison could have been much fairer if Carnival would have chosen a less expensive hotel, as they went for the Marriott Beach Resort Grand Cayman with a deluxe balcony.

Have you found that a cruise would actually work out cheaper than a package holiday, and if so what compromises did you have to make?

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