Diamond Princess refit transformation in pictures

Diamond Princess refit transformation in pictures

The Diamond Princess is now ten years old and in that time she has served the cruise ship company well, but she has started to look a little tired, and so has finally started her much-anticipated refit in Singapore. As you may already know, the Diamond Princess refurbishment is to take on a Japanese theme to cater for that market, seeing as though she will be deployed to Japan from April.

Some of the new Diamond Princess features will include a new sushi restaurant, a bath area that is inspired by a traditional onsen and a selection of luxury shops.

The refit is costing a total of $30 million and will help bring a new lease of life back to the ship, which looks a little out of date when put next to P&O’s Azura, which are two similar ships.

Some of you will be eager to see the progress of the Diamond Princess refit, and so you can visit a special page for the refurbishment, where you will see the ships transformation in pictures.

It’s great to see the progress, and even if there are areas that you cannot recognize, there is a description beneath each image telling you what area it is and the work that it is undergoing. From the looks of things, they had best get a move on.

Are you looking forward to the revitalization of the Diamond Princess?

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