Costa Concordia latest on trial of captain

Costa Concordia latest on trial of captain

With the trial of the Costa Concordia captain still ongoing and with no clear sign of when we will likely see an outcome and if Francesco Schettino will be sentenced, he has once again spoken out against Carnival Cruise Lines.

If we are to believe the recent report, Schettino believes that he is being made a scapegoat in order for the Costa’s parent company, Carnival to collect a windfall in an insurance payout. The insurance payout is expected to be around $2 billion.

These are huge claims being made by Schettino, one that we would not like to comment on, but it was obvious that neither the captain of Costa Concordia or The Carnival Group were going to take the blame, and so we will need to wait until the jury reach a verdict.

Speaking of the court case, Italian authorities have been searching for the helmsman who was on board the Costa Concordia at the time that she crashed into the island of Giglio because he never attended court on the day he was meant to testify.

Both Interpol and the Italian embassy in Jakarta have now been contacted about the missing man.

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