P&O Ventura Fly-Med cruises with added incentives

P&O Ventura Fly-Med cruise with added incentive

With not long to go until the P&O Ventura will begin her Fly-Med cruises what perfect way to help promote this by offering you M&S vouchers, or so the cruise line thinks. With the recent P&O sale now ended they look for other ways to help get you on board, and the cruise line believes up to £640 in vouchers is the way to do it.

We can see why P&O would wish to do such a thing, but speaking as a consumer, we would much rather see them reduce the price of the cruise instead of receiving M&S vouchers instead? Not many of us shop in Marks and Spencer’s and so would force us there, which to us seems like bad marketing.

Some people would say that having to fly to the Mediterranean to start your cruise defeats the object because cruising is meant to be hassle free. We can completely understand this, but then if you wanted to travel to some of these Mediterranean destinations, then they would take far longer from Southampton, which might not be convenient for some travellers.

This means that flying to the Med allows you to get more with your time away, and we are not just talking about those free vouchers.

There are 43 Ventura Fly-Med cruises to choose from, which you can do so here, but in order to get those vouchers you will need to book by April 30, 2014.

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