Titanic 2 to lack elegance of original ship

Titanic 2 to lack elegance of original ship

With still no solid timescale as to when work on the Titanic 2 ship is to start the rumors that this is just a mere publicity stunt seems to be growing, although we hope that these rumors turn out to be false seeing as though the first steel is due to be cut this month. We’re not certain exactly when this month – although it will be interesting to see if it actually happens.

There have been renders of the Titanic 2 along with various reports as to the technology with this newer ship, we know for certain it will be an interesting challenge for the design team and ship builders. Taking such an old design and to build a modern equivalent will take a great deal of ingenuity.

However, there will have to be some compromises, such as the fact that the Titanic 2 will lack the elegance of original ship. Firstly, the newer ship will be taller than the original and will also have a shallower draft, much like modern ships in that respect. This will mean to look at she will look shorty and stubbier, and so some people suggested that making the Titanic 2 slightly longer would have helped with its proportions.

Most cruise ships lack elegance these days, and it will be a sad fact if the Titanic 2 was to follow that trend. Having said that, this is a small price to pay to see a modern Titanic sailing our seas, although there is a fear that there will be limited cruises because there are plans for this ship to become a hotel in one of the Gulf States, which would be a terrible shame.

Do you think Titanic 2 should be made longer in order to keep its proportions right?

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