Construction of Carnival Vista takes first step

Construction of Carnival Vista takes first step

Construction of Carnival Vista began last week when the first steel was cut, which means that over the next few months new details in regard to the Carnival Vista should start to become available. This ship will not set sail until 2016, but at least in that time we will have a greater understanding of what is being called the Fun Ship.

Now that the first piece of steel has been cut the next step will be to start building out the rest of this 135,000-ton, 4,000-passenger ship, which will include the many restaurants, bars and various entertainment facilities.

The Carnival Vista will be the 25th ship in the fleet, so no doubt the cruise line will have a few special treats in store. Again, we do not know much about the new ship because Carnival is keeping design details to themselves for now.

If you had the choice what sort of features would you like to see brought to the Carnival Vista, bearing in mind that the ship will be centred around having fun?

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  • Suebird631

    Adults only deck and adults only area with pool, spa, casino, outdoor activities, and at least 2 restaurants geared towards adults.