Disney talk Alaska excursions for 2014 cruises


Disney Cruise Line will offer one-of-a-kind Alaska excursions in 2014 for families, adults, and children. The port adventures were given plenty of attention to make sure they’re ideal for both family and adults, so Disney Cruises worked closely with local tour operators to make sure what they offer would inspire all of their passengers.

Alaska cruises take in some of the most breathtaking views and this part of the world has a lot to offer in the way of history, native wildlife and culture. After a fun day exploring one of the Alaska excursions, guests return to the Disney Wonder for relaxation and further fun if they wish.

Parents will have the option of going on an Alaska excursion as a family, or take part in separate activities for adults. If kids take an age-appropriate activity without their parents, then they will be accompanied by youth counsellors. This is great for adults that wish to have some time together without the children around, something that might happen all year long, or this service could also be good for children that want a little independence to enjoy age-related activities.

Disney Cruise Line make sure they continue their unique cruise offering by delivering at least one Signature tour at most ports of call, which features the distinct Disney touch. This means plenty of storytelling and Disney characters to deliver insight about local culture.

You can learn more about Disney’s Alaska excursions for 2014 cruises in this article, or take a look at the Discover Alaska in One Minute video found on this page.

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