Carnival Games in spirit of Winter Olympics


Carnival Cruise Line has pushed the message of fun for a while now and in the spirit of the Winter Olympics 2014, Carnival introduce Games to truly live by their tagline of “Official Sponsor of Fun”.

To promote the fun onboard, Carnival’s official YouTube channel has a new 28-second video stating “The Carnival Games are Here”. Unlike the Winter Games, The Carnival Games will feature on cruise ships “all year long”.

The video can be seen below this article, and it seems to showcase one cruise passenger winning the Carnival Trivia game. There’s a lot more to take part in during the Carnival Games onboard, so if you’ve been on a recent cruise with Carnival then we’d love to hear about your experience with these new games.

Take a look at the video, then leave a comment below and let us know if you like the idea of Carnival Games when cruising.

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