Costa Cruises push for new jobs with diverse opportunities

Costa Cruises push for new jobs with diverse opportunities

Costa has been through the mill since the terrible incident with the Costa Concordia. Cruise bookings fell to worryingly levels, which forced the company to issue some never before seen price reductions, some of them felt as though the company was giving them away.

However, they have since bounced back, not to what they once were, but the recovery was always going to be a long process. We know that what happened was a terrible thing, but people still fly on planes even after hearing of a plane crash, and for many people this is the same when hearing that a ship has sunk.

Costa has been on a huge push to bring the brand back from a low period, and with many changes happening throughout the company and a new ship on the way are certainly a recipe for success?

That’s not all, Costa Cruises are also pushing for new jobs by launching a new website that will offer diverse opportunities for people who want a career in the cruise industry. The jobs on offer will either be as a crewmember or a staff member in the recruiting office.

The website Costa Crociere is available in English or Italian and is a place where you can apply for a job position within the company, send your resume, or just get all the information you need on a particular job opportunity.

No doubt this new push is to help find 1,200 new jobs to fill on the Costa Diadema, which will come into service in late October, 2014. However, it’s not all about that new ship because there are still some great career opportunities to be had throughout the Costa Cruises company.

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