P&O Britannia vs. Anthem of the Seas value for money

P&O Britannia vs. Anthem of the Seas value for money

The choice of cruises from Southampton, UK will become even greater next year with the addition of two new ships, the Britannia and Anthem of the Seas. P&O and Royal Caribbean have answered the call and these new ships certainly deliver. However, out of the two you will be surprised at which one offers the greater value for money.

Both ships bring something a little different because we know Royal Caribbean is all about the fun factor with some amazing parties, whereas P&O deliver something a little more formal. We are not saying you cannot have fun on the Britannia, but the Anthem of the Seas dodgems come ice skating rink will help keep the kids occupied, as well as bring out your inner child.

While Anthem of the Seas is all about having fun as well as being able to relax, Royal Caribbean has yet to show us what else we can expect, such as what restaurants will be onboard.

P&O Britannia vs. Anthem of the Seas

However, the P&O Britannia will be all about the food and drink seeing as though we already know there will be Marco Pierre White and Atul Kochhar restaurants, along with James Martin’s Cookery Club, Eric Lanlard patisserie in the Market Café and some amazing drinks thanks to Olly Smith.

It was always obvious that the two ships would have something different to offer passengers, and looking at the two in terms of prices it is the Britannia that offers better value for money.

From what we can see a cruise on the P&O Britannia will cost £85 per night compared to £135 for the Anthem of the Seas.

Bookings for P&O Britannia cruises have already started, although not online and the Anthem of the Seas booking process will not happen until next month.

We’d love to know which ship you would prefer to book on and why?

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