Fred Olsen entertainment upgrade for Balmoral and Braemar

Fred Olsen entertainment upgrade for cruise ship cabins

There is always so much going on while on board a cruise ship, such as taking in shows, trying out some tasty food, taking part in a few classes, relaxing in a spa or visiting different countries. However, there are still times when you just want to chill in your stateroom, wind down and watch some TV.

Many cruise ships offer an interactive TV service, such as Celebrity Cruises, there are others, but they don’t seem to offer the same amount of content. One such company that has been left behind in this area is Fred Olsen, although that is about to change.

Fred Olsen Cruise Line has announced that they are to increase the number of movies onto their interactive TV service for the Balmoral and Braemar cruise ships, and what is so special is that these are movies to have been nominated for an Oscar.

These new movies to be shown in Fred Olsen cabins are American Hustle, Gravity, and August Osage County. It’s not all about the adults though because you need to keep the children occupied, and so the addition of Frozen and Despicable Me 2 will be very welcome.

Keeping with the entertainment theme, Fred Olsen is still selling tickets to be part of the 7-night Norwegian Celebration cruise, which departs on May 13, 2014. What makes this cruise so special is the fact that Julian Lloyd Webber will be on this cruise entertaining the guests.

More details on this cruise can be found here.

Going back to the original story, do you ever find time to watch TV in your stateroom while on a cruise, or is there just far too much to do?

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