Norwegian Cruise Line pushes green technology further

Norwegian Cruise Line pushes green technology further

We’ve known for some time that Norwegian Cruise Line is to fit scrubbers onto their two new ships, the Norwegian Escape and Bliss and the company is set to push this green technology even further by fitting scrubbers onto six more ships in the fleet.

Cruise and Ferry report that the six other ships in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet to have the scrubbers fitted are the Norwegian Breakaway, Dawn, Jewel, Gem, Pearl and Sun. These six ships will use 28 scrubbers between them and the install process will take until 2016 to complete.

It’s nice to see Norwegian Cruise Line pushing this green technology seeing as though the cruise industry has had some bad press over the years because of the environmental impact the ships have.

What are scrubbers and how do they help? Scrubbers are huge devices fitted to cruise ships that help to reduce sulfur emissions, and while it comes with an initial cost, the result is once fitted these ships will then be able to run on less expensive heavy fuel.

A new rule by Emission Control Areas is to take effect in 2015 where a new sulfur limit of 0.1 percent will be set and will apply to all cruise ships that sail around the U.S. and Canadian coasts at a distance of 200 nautical miles.

More details on EPA can be found on this Government website.

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