Suite Class with Celebrity Cruises


The Celebrity Cruises Suite Class unveiled within the last 24 hours aims to deliver the best luxury cruise, which will be achieved by not only going the extra mile with service but also by offering a lot more for passengers choosing the Suite Class.

If you want the best modern luxury cruise, then you can indulge in the new Suite Class experience onboard Celebrity Cruises from April, 2015.

When you previously booked a suite with Celebrity Cruises it came with a number of benefits, but none compared to what future Suite Class guests will receive. From April 2015, you can count on new benefits tagged “suite-only”. These range from complimentary premium beverages, a VIP lounge, a suites-only restaurant, and a lot more.

You can read a full list of features here for the new Suite Class on Celebrity Cruises, although the new benefits will be joined by some of the old benefits like a great butler service, premium bedding, bathroom amenities, plush robes, and a really nice daily afternoon tea service.

This all comes at a price of course, but it might work out a cheaper deal for those that want the best when cruising and will be paying for a lot of the extras during their vacation anyway. We will detail more information on the Celebrity Cruises Suite Class pricing in the coming weeks.

If you thought the new Suite Class services would remove Bistro on Five, then we can confirm this is incorrect. One cruiser asked this question to Celebrity Cruises on their Facebook page and they responded with “Bistro isn’t going anywhere. A section of the main dining room onboard will be used”.

Will you be taking advantage of the new Celebrity Cruises Suite Class in 2015?

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