Holland America Line incentives for 2014 cruise

Holland America Line incentives for 2014 cruise

The months of January and February are often one of the best times to book a cruise for the year ahead because many cruise lines offer some great incentives to win your custom. More and more people have been leaving it late to book a cruise seeing as they know they will get a better deal, although you do run the risk of not getting the stateroom that you desire.

This is not always the case but for those who are unable to get the perfect cabin, well it’s a small price to pay (excuse the pun) to save some money, or better get some other incentives as well.

We’ve already seen what Princess, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have to offer, and so we thought we would take a little look at Holland America Line incentives that apply to a 2014 cruise.

First and foremost are the dates in which you can take advantage of these offers, which are from June to December 2014. However, you had best hurry because you will need to book before the end of this month.

From what we can see on the Holland America Line website there are four incentives in all, these are as follows: cruise fares from as little as £449, a reduction on shore excursions, third and fourth guests receive further discounts and finally, deposit is 50 per cent less than usual.

Please let us know if you took advantage of these offers.

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