Cruise like a Norwegian song with Dolphins Cheerleaders


If you have been on a cruise to the Caribbean lately, you will love the music video Norwegian Cruise Line just posted to their Facebook page. Titled Ultimate Caribbean Music Video, the cruise like a Norwegian song features Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and the musician Najjah.

The music video wasn’t filmed in the Caribbean, but instead took place in Miami onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.

Those of you that follow Norwegian Cruise Line news will know that the Miami Dolphins partnered with Norwegian back in October last year, and this latest development is one of many things they’re doing together. The Norwegian Getaway Christening Ceremony took place a few days ago in Miami, and as the Godmothers of this cruise ship, it was obvious that the music video would feature the cheerleaders.


You can see a few screenshots on this page featuring the musician Najjah and the Dolphins Cheerleaders, although after listening to the song we cannot get the tune out of our head.



Have a watch of the cruise like a Norwegian song below with Dolphins Cheerleaders, then let us know what you think of the video and of course the Norwegian Getaway as well?

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