Canyon Ranch SpaClub at Sea with Celebrity Cruises


One of the first things we do when cruising is to book a massage at the on board spa and we have done this with Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, P&O Cruises, and a number of other cruise lines. Personally, this is a great way to start the cruise and be given some much needed relaxation along with getting rid of those aches and pains.

If you choose to cruise with Celebrity, then this treatment is about to get a lot better thanks to Canyon Ranch SpaClub at Sea. The new agreement between Celebrity Cruises and Canyon Ranch will start in April, 2014.

A number of Cruise Ship News readers will know Canyon Ranch well, as they are known to be one of the world’s leading wellness and spa brands. You will find the Canyon Ranch SpaClub at Sea facilities throughout the fleet on 10 Celebrity cruise ships.

The Canyon Ranch SpaClub at Sea with Celebrity Cruises will include signature branding for wellness and fitness, beauty salon, spa, and a lot more. You should expect the onboard experience to be at a much higher level and a better range of services will be offered, including meditation classes, unique yoga, along with new body and facial treatments.

Our review of Celebrity Eclipse and their spa services a couple of years ago impressed, but it will be good to experience what the experts at Canyon Ranch deliver on our next Celebrity cruise, so stay connected to Cruise Ship News as we bring our review in the near future.

This change is just what we would expect from Celebrity Cruises, thanks to their aim of being a 5 star cruise line that always gives that little extra. We did put the staff to this test on our last cruise with Celebrity, and they certainly went the extra mile to bring us certain foods and drink from elsewhere on the ship along with having cold towels outside the ship at port on hot days.

If you want luxury cruising, then you can expect the service to get even better with the Canyon Ranch SpaClub and Celebrity Cruises partnership.

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