Page for new Titanic 2 ship goes down

Titanic 2 testing begins in September, on a small scale

In the last hour we were tipped about the official page for the new Titanic 2 ship going down, which had been spotted by the keen eye of those looking for a progress update and any news about the upcoming cruise ship from Blue Star Line.

Both the and websites redirect to a suspendedpage.cgi page that states the following message, “Template Error: The template file must be given (or the template could not be opened)”.

This news has led some to feel that the new Titanic 2 ship is never coming and more about helping Clive Palmer’s political career, although we will leave that debate to the conspiracy theorists.

It is not clear how long the official Titanic 2 page has been down, so if you have a better idea on the outage or reason behind it, then leave a comment below this article.

The planned launch date for the new Titanic ship is 2016, even though we are yet to see the keel laying start.

Is the Titanic 2 cruise ship page down for you right now? If so, when did you first notice the error stated above?

Update: The websites are back after a number of hours downtime.

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  • A E Nicholson

    If Clive was Serious about a Heritage Ocean Liner he would have grabbed up the SS United States, Selling Titanic Cruises is Selling Tragedy & Death, and Clive Plamer has forever tied himself to it.

  • Malcolm Oliver

    1) It takes at least a few years to build a big cruise ship.

    2) China has never built a cruise ship so are an unknown quantity.

    3) No ship yard has yet been asked to build the ship.

    3) Deltmarin are very well respected naval architects and were designing the ship. They were told to stop some time last year.

    4) There does not appear to have been ANY progress for a year.

    5) The project is either delayed or more likely cancelled.