Caribbean Princess hit by Norovirus, simple prevention


The latest cruise ship to see a Norovirus outbreak is Caribbean Princess and she had to return to port early with over 170 passengers reporting Norovirus symptoms, although we feel some people need a reality check in regard to this Norovirus.

It is true that a number of cruise lines keep reporting Norovirus outbreaks, but the virus is not just found on cruise ships and can be found in nursing homes along with other public places. One Cruise Ship News reader understood this very well with this comment, “One nursing home was shut down for two weeks with Norovirus, so it’s not only cruise ships”.

You can also see an update on Royal Caribbean’s Norovirus problems in a report from the past week, although Cruise Ship News readers also commented on this article with positively “This rarely happens. I’m not worried at all, and we should all remember that not just Royal Caribbean get hit with sickness”.

Norovirus on Caribbean Princess – The company might have told passengers they returned to Bayport Cruise Terminal after heavy fog, but it was clear that some problems needed sorting in regards to those falling ill. The Centers for Disease Control boarded the ship on Friday, according to Mail Online, which is standard practice for ensuring sanitation.

You can watch a video below this article that features comments from passengers of the Caribbean Princess and details the official response from Princess Cruises.

Wash Your Hands – we have been on a number of cruises when reviewing various ships and one thing we always do is wash our hands. The problem lies with the amount of people that forget to do this enough, and we’ve been in toilets and seen people leave without washing their hands. As one CSN Facebook reader put it, “Wash hands. Wash hands. Wash hands”.

Do you think preventing the majority of Norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships simply comes down to washing hands?

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