Norwegian Getaway, Breakaway and Epic cruise incentives

Norwegian Getaway, Breakaway and Epic crusie price drop

You have to hand it to Norwegian Cruise Line, when they launch a new ship they certainly know how to do it in style, and offering several incentives for the newest ship to the fleet, and the previous two is proof of that. For a limited time you have the choice of three incentives when you book a cruise on either the Norwegian Getaway, Breakaway and Epic.

The first incentive will be popular because it is up to $200 to spend while on board, although as ever there are a few limitations to this offer, which you can read more about here.

That’s not all, as Norwegian is also giving you a free room upgrade, which we know can often end up costing several hundred dollars. It is for this reason why this is our favorite incentive, especially on the Norwegian Getaway, as she is the newest ship in the fleet.

Norwegian Cruise Line doesn’t stop there because there are three more intensives; these include a reduction in the amount of deposit you have to pay by 50 percent, more than $300 in E-coupons and finally airfares to get you to the port of departure from just $99.

You have to hurry because these offers began on January 27th and will end on February 12, 2014.

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  • JDR

    When I see up to $200 in cruise cash I allways think $25. I can’t afford the cabin that would give me a $200 credit