Crystal Cruises announce price hike and booking problems

Crystal Cruises announce price hike and booking problems

There are two reasons why you should book a cruise with Crystal Cruises sooner rather than later, as they are set to introduce a price hike and bookings are filling up at an alarming rate. Prices have been reduced for the first two months in 2014 and the moment we enter March 1st the price of a Crystal cruise will see a significant increase.

According to a report these price hikes will occur on 94 percent of Crystal Cruises that are already available to be booked for 2014, 2015 and 2016. If you don’t book now or by the end of next month, then you will have to pay more for your cruise, and also run the risk of not being able to book at all because all cabins might have been filled.

Being able to use the ‘Book Now’ program for cruises way in advance has proven popular for Crystal Cruises and it is surprising how fast staterooms are filling up, which is no doubt the work of travel advisers persuading their customers that time is running out for them to book.

It is easy to see why travellers are booking with Crystal Cruises at an alarming rate because they have several offers on at the moment, which can see some travellers saving thousands of dollars.

Would you believe that there is a chance to save almost $19,000 on a world cruise with Crystal Cruises? What are you waiting for, don’t you think you had best hurry and see how much you can save before all places are booked up?

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