No MSC Cruises from Southampton in 2015

No MSC Cruises from Southampton in 2015

It wasn’t so long ago that we took a little look at the MSC cruises that leave from Southampton in 2014, which we know many UK residents were happy about because it saved them the hassle of flying to the Mediterranean to board one of the ships. However, that excitement was short lived because the company has said that they will not be offering the same option in 2015.

The MSC Opera is currently based in the UK but will be undergoing a refurb during the first part of the summer 2015, meaning Southampton will be without an MSC presence. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel because Cruise Critic has learned that the Opera could still make a return in 2016, although this has yet to be confirmed.

What we find funny about this decision is the fact that rumors of MSC pulling out of the UK had already been rumored a while ago, yet the cruise ship company denied this by saying that no changes were going to be made.

One has to wonder why MSC has made the choice not to bring Opera back to Southampton, although it would hardly seem worth it next year considering she will miss out on half the season?

Do you think this year is the last time we will see an MSC cruise ship presence in the UK?

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