Titanic 2 Olympics and World Cup ship events unrealistic

Titanic 2 ship Olympics and World cup events unrealistic

As time moves on we are starting to doubt the validity of the Titanic 2 ship because of a question that was asked on its Twitter page. To try and help drum up more social reaction for the new cruise liner, followers were asked as to which event they would like to see the Titanic 2 ship at the most?

While this may sound like a very reasonable question, some of the events they gave for example were unrealistic, which we will now explain. The three choices that were given, even though they did ask for your own choice, were the 2016 Olympics, The World Cup and the America’s Cup.

This is where we have the issue with those examples, as these events will be held midway through 2016, yet the Titanic 2 ship is not expected to be completed or set sail on its inaugural cruise until late that year.

We could be surprised and see the Titanic 2 finished ahead of schedule, but for now we only know what we know, and so the question seemed like a pointless exercise and makes us wonder if the ship will ever get built?

Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait for those who have been tracking the Titanic 2 progress because the ship is said to have its keel laid in March, and so we don’t have long to wait to see if all the doubters, as well as us are proven wrong.

Source: Twitter.

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