Update: Norovirus symptoms on another Royal Caribbean ship


It was only last week when we reported that some Majesty of the Seas passengers and crew were taken ill with the Norovirus, and there are now reports that passengers on another Royal Caribbean ship are experiencing Norovirus symptoms, although it has yet to be established just what is causing the outbreak.

The ship is currently docked in the U.S. Virgin Islands following an outbreak where 281 people suffered gastrointestinal symptoms, which included diarrhea and vomiting, which is the same symptoms as experienced on the Majesty of the Seas.

CBC News reports that CDC officials are currently investigating the outbreak and then evaluate what they believe has caused it. However, many passengers have already drawn their own conclusion and as such are unhappy that their cruise has been spoilt.

What is strange about this latest outbreak is that the ship underwent deep sanitizing to stop the spread even further before she came to port in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

We do fear that this is now a worrying trend once again, but who is to blame? We could blame the ships crew for not doing enough to stop a spread of the Norovirus, or whatever other bug it could be. However, then there are the passengers because if they feel they are unwell then they should not travel on a cruise ship.

Having said that, these passengers might have only had the start of the bug, or just thought it wasn’t that serious and would pass – something we all have gone through from time to time.

Update: There are now 577 passengers along with 49 crew members suffering from what the CDC now expect to be the Norovirus

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