Carnival cruises from Galveston gains positive reviews

Carnival cruises from Galveston gains positive reviews

With so many places to see in the world, it is often hard to know where to start a cruise from. However, if you happen to live near Galveston, then we are certain many of you will suggest sailing from that port because of its deep history.

They must be onto something because we have been looking at some of the reviews of Carnival cruises from Galveston from the passengers and they do seem rather positive. This should not surprise us because it is so nice to start a cruise from a fantastic port, unlike Southampton.

As a port Southampton does what it needs to do, but the setting is not very nice, and let’s not talk about the weather. However, Galveston, Texas is a different story because it is on the Gulf Coast, which means great weather and beautiful seas.

Even if you cannot start your cruise from Galveston, there is always a chance for you to stop there while on a Caribbean cruise. It is here where many Carnival passengers have given positive reviews because of the opportunity to explore Galveston, Texas.

18 out of 20 passengers said they would recommend a tour of Galveston, and as such have rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

We would like to know if you would rather start a cruise from Galveston, or as a stop in your itinerary?

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  • Texas Cruiser

    As a Texas resident I have started three cruises out of Galveston since 2005 and have a fourth booked this fall. The city is very clean and the businesses cater to the cruise ship clientele. After the hurricane that hit the area hard a few years ago we cruised on the Carnival Triumph. During that particular trip we were repeatedly thanked for our patronage by just about every place we shopped and even the parking shuttle driver.Embarking and disembarking have always been the most hectic times and the port authorities do a wonderful job of traffic and crowd control. We always get there a day ahead of time and usually walk the historic district and port area. We have never had any issues with crime or been hassled in any way. We really appreciate and enjoy having a port within a days drive.

  • Barbara Hopley

    It’s great to see cruise lines using new destinations to depart from, gives customers chance to broaden their horizons!