Titanic 2 ship third class tickets an authentic option

Titanic 2 ship third class tickets an authentic option

There was a huge debate last year as to how much passengers would be willing to pay for a Titanic 2 ticket, with some reports suggesting that a select few would pay a price of around $1 million per ticket. That does seem like an extraordinary amount of money to pay, but then they do want to get that authentic experience.

Speaking of authenticity, it’s not all about first-class passengers because we know that many passengers on the original Titanic were unable to afford the price of a first-class ticket, and so had to travel in third class cabins instead.

In a surprising twist, Clive Palmer said that around 700 passengers will get the choice of sleeping in a cramped third class cabin, which as you have seen from the many images on the Internet was not the way to travel if you could help it across the Atlantic.

While this does sound like a good idea because some people will want to experience what those with a limited budget could only afford back then, it does raise the question of meeting current health and safety standards. One of these where Palmer could have trouble with is only offering 2 bathrooms between those 700 passengers.

Then there is the question of price because according to the Telegraph, the cost of a third class ticket was £7 and £9. Converted into today’s money, then Titanic 2 third class tickets would cost £587 and £754.

Would you be willing to pay as much as that to cross the Atlantic in such cramped conditions, and then there is the question of whether you would have access to the rest of the Titanic 2 ship, as original third class passengers did not have such access?

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