Norwegian Cruise Line refurbishments for entire fleet

Norwegian Cruise Line refurbishments for entire fleet

There is nothing more rewarding for a cruise line than when an addition to their new ships proves popular with customers, which is why we are excited to report that O’Sheehan’s Pub, which as some of you will know is the place to be on board the Norwegian Epic, Breakaway and now the Getaway will now be implemented across the entire fleet.

We found a recent tweet while on the Getaway in Southampton that these Norwegian Cruise Line refurbishments are planned for the entire fleet of ships, and as such will become a focal point for people to be.

That is not all; the company will also be looking at the many ways in how to get more people into O’Sheehan’s Pub at different times of the day.

Norwegian is not stopping there as they have a few other plans, such as moving Moderno Churrascaria on some of its ships to near Cagney’s.

Lessons have also been learned and now several changes will be made to Norwegian Escape and Bliss compared to other Breakaway Class ships. However, those plans were not shared and so we should learn more about those changes over the coming months.

What other changes would you like to see implemented across the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet?

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