2014 and 2015 to see 13 new cruise ships

2014 and 2015 to see 13 new cruise ships

The cruise industry was very healthy last year as it enjoyed a 5 percent increase compared to that of the year before. These numbers were for British holidaymakers, although the global figures are also very healthy.

In all 1.79 million Brits took a cruise in 2013, although globally that number was a massive 21.3 million. However, that figure is set to increase to 21.7 million, which is not that big of an increase when you consider that there will be 13 new cruise ships in 2014 and 2015.

Six of those ships will be launching this year alone at a cost of £2.38 billion. This will add an extra capacity of 18,196 passengers to the seas, but when you include the 13 new cruise ships over the next two years, then collectively that’s enough for 37,000 passengers in 2014 and 2015 that is just if all 13 ships filled their staterooms for one cruise.

While the cruise industry started to look a little bleak for a while because of a series of incidents, along with the fateful Costa Concordia, it is nice to see the industry come through the other side with increases once again.

The cruise industry brings in around £2.5 billion per year to the UK economy and £61.1 billion worldwide, as well as keeping 66,000 and 775,000 jobs respectively. We have to say that the future is very bright for the cruise industry, just as long as they keep offering people superb choices at competitive rates.

A more detailed look into this Cruise Lines International Association report can be found here.

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