Cruise ship price wars expected in 2014

Cruise ship price wars expected in 2014

2014 is going to be a very exciting year for the cruise industry thanks to the launch of two very large and anticipated ships, which are the Quantum of the Seas and Norwegian Getaway. As you would expect Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean will try their best to outdo each other, and this can only be good for you and I.

A very intriguing and insightful article has been looking at how these two new mega ships will create a price war between the two companies as they try to outdo each other for your custom.

The problem that Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean have is the fact that because these two new ships are so large, they need to make certain that they set sail every time with all their staterooms filled. This is not so much an issue on smaller ships, but seeing as though there are a larger amount of staterooms on these two ships, and the fact that there are other ships still being filled, the job is made all the more tougher.

However, with the Getaway and Oasis having some of the latest features for cruise ships, surely the first few months will be fully booked up?

These are not the only two large ships coming to the cruising market, as in May of this year we will see the launch of the Regal Princess, sister ship to the Royal Princess.

Do you think these cruise ship companies will have a problem filling their ships, or do you think they will offer some great deals early on in the hope of getting you to book with them instead of rivals?

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