Cruise ship dining made easy, best restaurants list

Cruise ship dining made easy, best restaurants list

There are so many things to look forward to when going on a cruise, and right at the top of that list would be the dining experience. Okay, so we know that a huge number of passengers would choose the easier option if they have children and go for the more traditional every day food, where you have to queue up for your food yourself and go up as often as you want. However, some of you would rather choose the other option, which means you are seated at a table and then treated like a person of importance – well that’s the point of a cruise.

Not all cruise ships have fantastic restaurants, but those that do will offer passengers an extraordinary service in its fine dining. Each cruise ship restaurant has something different to offer, although all of their menus will get your taste buds going and so USA Today has been taking a closer look at the different cruise ships and their fine dining options to create what they believe is their best restaurants list.

Ocean Blue on the Norwegian Breakaway was always going to make it onto the list because this being one of the latest cruise ships, although there was a little issue with this Geoffrey Zakarian restaurant from the start because Norwegian Cruise Line said that they got the cover charge wrong and so had to increase the price not long after the ship entered service.

While Qsine on Celebrity Cruise ships is something to brag about, USA Today believes that Blu is a far better option, although this is only available to passengers in the AquaClass spa cabins and suites.

Other restaurants that appear on the list are the Silk Road on the Crystal Serenity and Symphony, Red Ginger on two of Oceania Cruises ships, Remy on two of Disney ships and so many more, all of which you can see in the detailed list here.

If you could choose your best cruise ship restaurant what would it be and why?

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