Grand Princess delay due to worrying trend

Grand Princess delay due to worrying trend

Having reported on the death of an elderly lady on board a Holland America ship, who sadly fell to her death, we now have news of another. The cruise ship Grand Princess was due to sail to her next destination, but had to be delayed due to a ship worker jumping overboard.

The Grand Princess delay happened after Princess Cruise Lines looked over CCTV footage and saw the ship worker fall from the vessel, and since then the crew of the ship along with the Coast Guard and two other ships have been searching to find the missing crewmember.

So far the Filipino employee has not been found and the search between San Francisco and Hilo is still taking place. It is not certain how long the Grand Princess will be delayed for, but we are sure most of the passengers understand and that Princess Cruise Lines is keeping them fully informed.

This is a worrying trend now because in the last 19 days there have been five people who have gone overboard. The Royal Caribbean has had three people go overboard on three of its ships. There was also the one that we mentioned earlier and now the Filipino employee on the Grand Princess.

What worries us the most is that a person went overboard on the Grand Princess back in November and there did not seem to be a man overboard system, and we are not certain if they have fitted one since seeing as though it took 2 hours for the crew to realize that the Filipino crew member was overboard.

Do you think these cruise ship companies need to have a rethink of their man overboard systems?

Thanks to SFGate.

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