Kirra cruise ship terminal plans poses 3 concerns

Kirra cruise ship terminal plans poses 3 concerns

While we do not know anything about surfing, we do know that the Gold Coast is one of the best places in the world to surf, and so you can understand why those who travel thousands of miles to hit the waves there are upset with the Kirra cruise ship terminal plans.

It was only a matter of time before the commercial interests of this great stretch was going to be exploited, and many surfers agree that if the cruise ship terminal was to go ahead, then it poses 3 major concerns.

According to a report on the Red Bull website, the first concern is if the plan goes ahead there is a fear that sand might not be able to flow north to refill the beaches. Second, and one of the most important is whether the sea life in the area will be affected and thrive like it currently does?

However, the surfers main concern is whether the surf spots will suffer or will they still be able to ride the waves as they do now?

Mick Fanning is the guy behind trying to save Kirra and keep its natural beauty, and while we fully support the cruise industry, you have to sit back and think about the environmental impact that a cruise ship can cause, let alone several at a time.

While it would be nice to bring cruise ships to such a beautiful area, if it is at the cost of marine life and the coast as a whole, then maybe those in charge of deciding if a Kirra cruise ship terminal should go ahead might want to think about the environment and not just new income for the region.

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