Investigation update on Holland America Line death

Investigation update on Holland America Line death

The death of the 88-year-old lady who fell to her death on board the MS Veendam has been ruled as non-suspicious, which is according to the latest investigation update carried out by FBI agents.

According to the agency, who as we know met the ship the moment it got into port spent time on the ship going over all the evidence, where they reported that there was “No criminal activity.”

The woman who sadly died was a Canadian citizen on a seven-day cruise taking in the Mexican Riviera, and according to witness she was seen standing outside her balcony rail with her arms extended out.

It was then that she slipped after trying to reposition herself and fell into the ocean below. The crew acted quickly by turning the ship around and launching a lifeboat, and while she was recovered the crew were unable to revive her.

Seeing as though investigators report that this was an isolated incident no action will be made against Holland America Line. However, we are sure this was never a concern for the company and are more worried about the family that survives the lady that died.

We still await to see if this was just an accident or a suicide.

Thanks to UTSanDiego.

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