Titanic 2 ship progress leap in March

Titanic 2 ship progress leap in March

Since we learned that there was to be a Titanic 2 ship, news has been a little slow following that. Okay, so we have reported on the progress of model testing, some of the new safety features and also many of the different companies that will be involved with the building, but nothing that makes this project seem very real.

However, all that will change from March if things go to plan, as this is when the Titanic 2 keel laying is contracted to start. It will be from then that we should expect to see more news in regard to the Titanic 2 ship progress.

We don’t expect to learn anything new right away, as news has been a little slow with the P&O Britannia since her keel was laid, although we will have a closer look into this ship later this week.

There are still skeptics who believe that the Titanic 2 ship will not go ahead as planned and is being used as a media tool for Clive Palmer to help his political career, but those skeptics will be proved wrong once the keel is laid.

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